You can be the inspiring leader you want to be.

Recognition and Impact

Get that promotion or juicy project you have been seeking

Interpersonal Relationships and Managing Up

Learn how to navigate the political structure in your organization

Powerful Leadership

Recognize and strengthen your unique leadership style

Rock Your Career

Love what you do.  Do what you love.
One-on-One Personalized Coaching

I work with experienced leaders and executives, new managers and rising stars.

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I can help you:

Develop, or continue to strengthen, your leadership style.

Prioritize exactly where to focus your precious time and attention.

Overcome “Imposter Syndrome."

Stand out, speak up, and get a seat at the table.

Re-ignite your passion and energy for the work you do.

Understand the political structure in your organization so you can navigate it.

Leadership Development for Organizations

Organizations hire me to coach leaders and managers so that they can be more effective at motivating and inspiring their teams.

Coaching is a proven benefit that delivers real-time development for leaders and everyone they manage.

With coaching from me, new managers learn the craft of leadership and seasoned managers become powerful visionary leaders.

Let’s discuss how I can improve management effectiveness in your organization.

What happy clients are saying

I’ve partnered with Jan Brown since 2014 as an Executive Coach and trainer at Etsy. Jan’s skill, humor and amazing results as a coach, facilitator, and trainer have made her an essential part of our Learning and Development strategy. Jan is an integral part of our coaching team and has regularly coached a roster of Etsy clients in our Brooklyn office as well as our global offices including Dublin, London, Berlin, and Paris. Her Etsy clients adore her and regularly request to work with her when additional coaching sessions become available. Jan is also a master facilitator, working with groups of employees who range from new managers to highly experienced organizational leaders. Jan’s enthusiasm, creativity, and “realness” help her connect with clients quickly, increasing their capacity for self-awareness, learning and behavior change. In word, Jan Brown is fabulous and I feel lucky to work with her. Wendy R. Robison, EdD, MEd

Head of Global Learning and Engagement, Etsy, Inc.