Nice guys and gals can finish first.

You’re a hard worker with integrity and great ideas. You really care about being a good leader for your team and delivering excellent results. You don’t want to play the politics game but you see others getting more resources, juicier projects, promotions, and more attention from the powers that be.

You know you should do a better job of marketing yourself internally and getting your voice heard but you don’t know how and you really don’t want to be one of those pushy braggarts.  

Imagine if you could keep your integrity, be your authentic self AND have your voice heard in meetings, meet and exceed the expectations of your boss, and get all of the resources your team deserves? What if you could rise through the ranks without selling your soul or playing games? What if you could feel passionate about your work and excited to head to the office each day?

That’s where I come in.

I will coach you to a place where you can lead your team with confidence, get your ideas heard, and navigate office politics, all while being your authentic self.

My Background

I started my coaching practice in 2010 and have coached 100s of leaders, managers, working parents, and entrepreneurs since then. I have found that I most click with women and men who are trying to make a positive impact in the world by being an effective leader and doing good work but are feeling blocked by something: office politics, lack of confidence, or that deer in the headlights feeling of having too much to do and not enough time to do it.

I LOVE coaching because I get to help people uncover their true and best selves and take action toward building the life of their dreams. It’s inspiring work – sometimes magical, sometimes hard and serious, often fun and creative. And it utilizes all of my strengths: empathy, positivity, a fascination with people and what makes them tick, strategic thinking, and a sixth sense for navigating interpersonal relationships.

I was trained and certified by CTI (Coaches Training Institute). Prior to coaching, my career included consulting to Fortune 500 companies, working in corporate social responsibility, training, teaching, and strategic planning. I’m an American by birth, a New Yorker by choice, and I currently reside in Kilkenny, Ireland having an expat adventure with my family. (Pictured here enjoying one of the many scenic Irish coasts.)

What happy clients are saying

Jan helped me get more comfortable with my inner north star as a senior manager in a new company culture. She reinforced to me that it was OK to trust my instincts while integrating into a new, unusual company culture. Our sessions focused on navigating various personalities, building trust with my team as their new manager, and integrating work and family life. Jan is a delightful, positive person with an understanding tone and practical outlook. I’ve had a few different official and unofficial coaches in my career and I’d say that I very much enjoyed working with Jan. She has a great balance between being a very competent, professional coach along with a genuine, empathetic human touch. James E.

Senior Finance Director, Tech company