What Happy Clients are Saying

What I appreciated most about Jan was that it was clear from our first meeting that her sole purpose was to help me find out what I needed. Jan listens to YOU. She focuses and cares about YOU. She doesn’t judge your choices or your values, she just wants you to find out what will make you the happiest and most satisfied in your career, and then she helps you set a course to achieve those goals. Alix F.

Chief Strategy Officer, Social Impact Organization

Thanks to Jan, I no longer feel like I am running in a hamster wheel, generating ideas but getting nowhere. Jan gets me re-energized. I can explore different ideas and not get completely tangled up in my own negative thoughts. I bounce ideas around with Jan, who is completely on my side. She has tools she’ll share with you to help you determine what you really want, get unstuck and move forward. Ellen B.

Founder, Textile company

I was feeling stuck and dissatisfied with my professional life, but I wasn’t sure how to move forward. Jan helped open my eyes to the range of possibilities that were out there for me and helped me find the courage to pursue them. I believe Jan was born to do this work. She has a gift for it. She is a great listener, always positive, and she is passionate about figuring out the best way to help her clients move forward. I love her openness to looking at things in a different way and I always feel better after I talk with her. Not only has she helped me, but the process has been fun! Sheryl P.

Senior Director, Social Impact Organization

I benefited enormously from Jan’s coaching. Not only has it enabled me to optimize my performance but it has also had a significant impact upon my management style and approach to dealing with relationships. Some of the things I worked with Jan on in our coaching session include: time management, delegation, imposter syndrome, and how to influence senior leadership, direct reports and colleagues. I’ve found Jan to be brilliant in enabling me to work to the best of my ability. I would highly recommend Jan as a performance coach. Ronan D.

Senior Legal Counsel, Tech company

Jan helped me get more comfortable with my inner north star as a senior manager in a new company culture. She reinforced to me that it was OK to trust my instincts while integrating into a new, unusual company culture. Our sessions focused on navigating various personalities, building trust with my team as their new manager, and integrating work and family life. Jan is a delightful, positive person with an understanding tone and practical outlook. I’ve had a few different official and unofficial coaches in my career and I’d say that I very much enjoyed working with Jan. She has a great balance between being a very competent, professional coach along with a genuine, empathetic human touch. James E.

Senior Finance Director, Tech company

Jan and I talked about everything from creating a path for myself to more senior ranks of engineering management, to conflict resolution, time management and finding different approaches to working with my direct reports. One of my favorite things about working with Jan was that I was able to learn about the craft of leadership and management, while at the same time getting some insight into the mindset I was bringing to my role as a leader. Overall, our work together helped me to become more open-minded, flexible, courageous and positive. This, in turn, helped me to work more effectively with my management chain, my peers and my team. Chris J.

Senior Engineering Lead, Tech company