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Looking for more confidence, a stronger leadership presence, and higher-impact results for yourself and your team? Want to reignite the energy and excitement you once had for your work? Together, we can unlock your strengths so you can stand out, speak up, and make a difference.
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Jan helped me get more comfortable with my inner north star as a senior manager in a new company culture. She reinforced to me that it was OK to trust my instincts while integrating into a new, unusual company culture. Our sessions focused on navigating various personalities, building trust with my team as their new manager, and integrating work and family life. Jan is a delightful, positive person with an understanding tone and practical outlook. I’ve had a few different official and unofficial coaches in my career and I’d say that I very much enjoyed working with Jan. She has a great balance between being a very competent, professional coach along with a genuine, empathetic human touch. James E.

Senior Finance Director, Tech company

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When Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone Feels Difficult

When Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone Feels Difficult

A lot of clients start a coaching session saying they want to “step outside their comfort zone.” It’s a worthy goal with clear benefits and upsides and a few tricky patches along the way. What are the upsides? For starters, trying new things is thrilling. Thinking new...

Hate Networking? Read This.

Hate Networking? Read This.

When you imagine yourself networking, what do you picture? Standing in an enormous hotel ballroom wearing a nametag, making forced, uncomfortable small talk with strangers, clutching a glass of dreadful, tepid chardonnay, and counting the minutes until you can leave?...

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